Car Dealerships

New Cars

Specially formulated to protect the paintwork of new cars, the Acrylic/P.T.F.E. formulation of Toughseal chemically bonds to the Acrylic clearcoat finish on the car, ensuring permanent protection and a long lasting shine. Unlike many leading products, Toughseal does not wear off, it's effect is noticeably better and you are guaranteed complete customer satisfaction.

Used Cars

Equally effective on Used Cars, the application of Toughseal will dramatically improve the finish of the paintwork and ensure it does not deteriorate once applied.


* Improves gloss levels on new and used cars.

* Increases resale value of the vehicle.

* Paint work guarantee of 5 years on new and used cars.

* Excellent profit potential.

* Good incentive for staff on bonus schemes.

* Easy to sell and apply.



ST Auto Grooming Centre
(Exclusive Distributor of Toughseal Products and Certified Toughseal Application Centre)

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