Here are some of the comments we received from our customers.


  • "I was amazed by the result of Toughseal Acrylic PTFE Paint Protection System. My car shines like new, it never seems to get dirty and it takes minutes to wash. I recommend to all my friends to use Toughseal."
    Ravindran (Corona CD)

  • "Initially I was sceptical of using Toughseal but I confess my car never looked better. It looks as if it just left the showroom. In fact it shines better than a showroom car."
    Vasu (Corolla)
  • " Toughseal solved my problem. I work at Tuas very near sand blasting yard. Once protected with Toughseal I have no worries, all I have to do is bring my car to ST Auto Grooming centre Weekly once. They simply wash with Wash and Gloss Acrylic Sealant wash System, all the grits and partical are removed. My cars shines as new."
    Clifon (Honda Accord)
  • " Also not mentioned speedy services during the peak hours at Toughseal and keep up the good customer relationship!! Well done!"
    Andy (Black Toyota Corolla VVTI)
  • "It has been almost three months after I have had my car toughsealed. And I must say that I am absolutely pleased with not only the excellent after-market service received from Patrick, but my car still feels and shines as good as the first time that I saw it. Unbelievable !!! In addition, my car still feels like a king each time it goes back for a wash. It's really unrivalled customer service here...Keep up the good work, Patrick !!!"
    Desmond (SFA Silver Lancer with Sunroof)

  • "I am very pleased with the result. Excellent job done and keep up the good work. I will recommend my friends to you."
    Ng Lin Huat (MB E240 Black)

  • "I just want to say thank you for the excellent product offering for Toughseal and the indispensable quality service during the clean ups and polishes."

  • "My holiday trip to Ipoh, Perak has proven the product's worth in protecting and preserving the original state of car body shininess. Most flying insects, dirt and grime have been effectively repelled off during the 1500 kilometers drive on the Malaysia North South Highway. The car still look so clean and shiny even after a long journey back from Malaysia, Perak despite the harsh sunlight and rainy weather. It even attracted some on lookers who are drivers on the Malaysian highway."

  • "My car always very shiny, I only wash my car once a week and it is very glossy."



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