Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the benefits using Toughseal as compared to other polishers?

  • The difference is Toughseal lasts up to five years and warranty 18 months. No Further application required and Toughseal will not wear off. Toughscal is unique. Its special Acrylic Formulation Actually Bonds To Your Paintwork To Provide Unbeatable Protection from oxidation causing fading, bird lime, insect acid and tree Sap. Toughseal keeps your car looking as good as new.
  • How much does Toughseal Paint protection system cost?

  • An average car cost $488.
  • Will Toughseal remove oxidation and minor scratches on clear coat?

  • Toughseal will remove minor surface scratches and oxidation on clear coat.
  • Can Toughseal be used on plastic parts?
    Yes, we use Toughseal Vinyl protector.
  • How long does the application progress take?
    Six hrs. Need to come back for re inspection after 48 hours.
  • What does the package include?
    Exterior care
    a. Hand washing with Wash & Gloss Shampoo
    b. Detailed cleaning with magic clay to remove all dirt.
    c. Machine buff Pre Treatment Step 1 - is a non abrasive cleaning compound that removes all foreign matters from the surface including road grime, rain spots & light to medium oxidation. The original colour and brightness of the paint is now restored.
    d, Machine buffed Acrylic Sealant Step 2- This is an Acrylic/PTFE formulation Sealant not a wax. As opposed to wax which will melt off, or wash off in a matter of weeks. Acrylic Sealant seals the surface of acrylic clear coat paint as t the acrylic to acrylic bond produces the best adhesion properties thus forming a Protective shield against corrosion, oxidation, ultra-violet rays, pollution & salt. You have in effect added another layer of clear coat to the vehicle tht will last up to five years and leaves a totally brilliant shine.
    e. Step 1 & 2 applied to door frames and sport rims too, f. Tyre and bumper protection.
    g. Apply sealant to windscreen, head lights, rear light and etcs.
    Interiors care
    a. Clean interior with Toughseal wash,
    b. Apply Vinyl & Leather Protectant to dashboards, door panel & all Vinyl areas. c. Clean and conditioned Leather seats.
    d. Clean boot areas.


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