How does Toughseal work?



Toughseal Is Unique, Its Special Acrylic Formulation Actually Bonds To Your Paintwork
To Provides Unbeatable Protection Up To Five Years.

Facts About Tough seal
Ongoing use and trails has proven that Toughseal Sealant achieves an extraordinary glossy finish that beautifies beyond compare, while sealing and protecting against corrosion. Toughseal forms an overcoat of protection that will last up to ten years under normal conditions.
Toughseal seals and screens out ultra-violet rays, resists car-washing detergents, pollutants, salt and guards against fading for up to ten years. Teflon is one of the "slickest" and most resilient substances known to man, and can reduce the coefficient of air friction [drag]. Acrylic hen applied to the vehicle, actually becomes part of the finish creating an impenetrable shield that rust proofs, seals and shines brilliantly.
With Toughseal, the paint surface will resist grime and dust. Simple rinse surface with mild detergent and water, wipe with a clean towel or chamois, and see your paint work sparkle.

Dry Wash & Guard

Once the paintwork has been treated with Toughseal Steps 1 & 2, it should then be periodically topped up with the Dry Wash & Guard, to keep the Toughseal at its maximum performance.
The Dry Wash & Guard is a waterless car wash and protective glaze that produces an armour-like, invisible shield and leaves the treated surface looking highly polished. Specially formulated detergent, wetting agents, lubricants and sealing compounds that soften and emulsify surface grime whilst lubricants attach a microscopic bonded layer to produce a shiny protection.
This is every car lovers dream product; a quick-fix for any vehicle that has had the Toughseal applied and want to bring back its original high lustre finish or provide a quick polish.

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